SpeXparts we find special solutions

SpeXparts manifactures and sells hoses and fittings for braking systems, for industrial, hydraulic and painting systems, for chemical and gas systems.

SpeXparts produces special parts, in addition to the normal series production of metal and textile braided flexible hoses, thermoplastic hoses for high and low pressure, in accordance with the main European and international standards.


We produce car brake hoses, motorcycle brake hoses and flexible hoses of different diameters, for the passage of fluids, air and gas. We use different materials that guarantee high resistance to expansion, pressure and high or low temperatures, so that the specific performance of the product is guaranteed, depending on the application.


We manufacture brake hoses for car braking systems and produce customized rubber hoses, compatible with the original […]


Motorbike brake hoses, whether production or competition bikes, must be of quality and must give high guarantees […]


Special bicycle hoses are important components of a braking system because they must be powerful enough to […]


Modern machines and equipment are designed to perform difficult operations and to ensure excellent performances […]


Industrial painting systems, in addition to careful design aimed at creating customized and high-performance solutions, […]


SpeXparts manufactures and sells fittings for flexible hoses, for vehicle braking systems (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), for hydraulic systems, for painting, robotics and much more.

The fittings we produce are studied, designed and developed together with the hoses so that they can guarantee high quality performance.

In particular, SpeXparts markets and produces:


  • fittings for hydraulics
  • fittings for high and low pressure flexible hoses
  • fittings for brake hoses for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, go-karts, forklifts, etc.
  • special fittings on request or according to the customer’s design

Stories of hoses and fittings

We are the best to make a hose! We are able and we resist the pressure!

We want to tell you and show you how we find special solutions for each customer. In doing so, we also tell a little bit about our history and how, every day, the passion for our work guides us in the search for new materials and raw materials. Innovation and continuous updating that allow us:

  • the creation of new technical drawings for the fittings,
  • verification and testing of hose/fittings compatibility,
  • make the performance in terms of safety, reliability and advantages, also in economic terms, tangible to our customers in the choice of our products.

We make braided hoses, aeronautical hoses, ergal fittings, carbon steel, stainless steel and many other materials, for braking systems of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and more.

We have all kinds of fittings and hoses: if you have a motorcycle or a vintage car, we have the one that’s right for you!

And if we don’t have it, we can tailor made for you.

Whatever the field of application, automotive, hydraulic, painting, braking systems, industrial systems, systems for the passage of fluids and gases, we are here to accompany you in choosing your ideal product, so that it is suitable and compatible for your particular use.

In this blog there will be communications for the news of our production and we will provide you with the technical indications for the assembly of pipes and fittings. Our technical tables will also be available on request.

We invite you to comment and ask for information, we are at your disposal.

We are passionate about our work and our products!

We find special solutions.

Multi hose for pumps and multi-component spray guns

We have created, on specific request of a customer, a multi-hose consisting of five hoses for high and low pressure for the passage of air, fluids, composites and catalyst.

A customer with modifications to his vintage Honda Dream CB400 Four motorcycle (1974)

A customer with a 1974 Honda Dream CB400 vintage motorcycle wanted to increase the cooling power of his motorcycle’s engine oil by making a modification and applying an additional radiator.