Brake hoses for stock and competition motorbike

Motorbike brake hoses, whether production or competition bikes, must be of quality and must give high guarantees of reliability. In fact, motor vehicles must have a fully functional braking system.

Our motorbike brake hoses are made to be highly performing, to ensure the safety of the driver.

The aeronautical brake hoses for motorcycles produced by SpeXparts are assembled with reference to the highest standards of precision and safety.

This type of hoses guarantees resistance to expansion in the presence of pressure and high temperatures. It ensures a prompt and immediate braking response which helps to improve the reliability of the bike, even on mixed routes and with many curves.

The entire line of SpeXparts motorcycle brake hoses can be customized by choosing one of the available colors. Our company has a strong technical competence that allows us to be very flexible and to create ad hoc products on your specific requests.

SpeXparts motorcycle brake hoses

SpeXparts produces different type of motorcycle brake hoses, in particular:
  • aeronautical brake hoses for motorcycles
  • hoses for motorcycle brakes
  • braided brake hoses for motorcycles
  • motorcycle brake hoses in rubber, similar to the originals
  • toil cooling hoses
  • water cooling hoses
  • fuel hoses
  • hoses for hydraulic clutch
  • thoses for shock absorber

We produce brake hoses of standard diameter and length and tailor-made brake hoses based on indications or technical drawings supplied to us.

The whole range of brake hoses that we make is designed to make available to all sportsmen and motorcycling amateurs, qualitatively excellent products that comply with national and international regulations and that guarantee durability and efficiency over time.

Completion accessories

We produce all the components of the brake hose such as fittings and accessories for completion, so as to ensure perfect compatibility between all the elements of a braking system.

Such as the accessories in the adjacent image: short and long drilled bolts with or without bleed, in carbon steel or light alloy; three-way fittings with or without fixing, to be pressed or recoverable;  bushings and locknut for recoverable fittings; ogives and bicones by conical inversion; aluminum and copper washers; rubber clamps for fixing and protection, thermo-shrinking sheaths, fixing brackets.

SpeXparts brake hoses ensure excellent performance and reliability in braking control both for those used to demanding and technical routes and for those who simply love two wheels.