Special hoses for performing and safe bicycles

Special bicycle hoses are important components of a braking system because they must be powerful enough to cause the wheel to lock and must allow braking to be modulated and controlled.

Brake hoses are fundamental elements for the safety of a bicycle during road trips, if it is used as a means of transport in the city, or on dirt roads, during a race or for the practice of a discipline such as Repack Downhill.

The braking system is a fundamental part for the stability of a bicycle and for the safety of a cyclist, for this reason it must be kept efficient and subjected to constant maintenance work and, when necessary, to interventions aimed at replacing worn parts, with brakes suitable and hoses of certified quality.

SpeXparts manufactures bicycle brake hoses and fittings for any type of hydraulic brake system.

The bicycle brakes that SpeXparts produces are made with carefully selected materials, with particular reinforcement technologies that allow both to avoid deformation of the hoses during braking, to ensure maximum efficiency of a braking system, eliminating the unpleasant “sponge” effect.

The structure of the outer sheath of our bicycle hoses is resistant to abrasion. This aspect represents a further guarantee for the long life of the brake hoses produced by SpeXparts.

We produce a wide range of standard hoses and special hoses for bicycles, high-performance metal braided hoses, nylon or Kevlar hoses, compatible with the most popular brake systems for bicycles.

On request we can make tailor-made and customized brake hoses, with particular technical and aesthetic characteristics and designed to meet your specific needs.
Our company is endowed with a strong technical competence that allows us to be very flexible and to create ad hoc products.