Design, production and selling of fittings

SpeXparts manufactures and sells fittings for flexible hoses, for vehicle braking systems (cars, motorcycles and bicycles), for hydraulic systems, for painting, robotics and much more.

The fittings we produce are studied, designed and developed together with the hoses, so that they can guarantee high quality performance.

We place at your disposal a complete range of: fittings for braided and spiral hydraulic hoses; high pressure hydraulic fittings; hose fittings for brake systems of motorcycles, cars and bicycles; press fittings for motorcycle brake hoses; fittings for rubber brake hoses.

All standard products are available in a wide range, but we are organized for special productions and to make customized fittings designed to fully satisfy your needs or to your design.

SpeXparts is characterized by competence and professionalism. Contact us for a quote.

SpeXparts manufactures fittings for hydraulic systems, for painting systems, pneumatics and for braking systems of motorcycles, cars and bicycles.

In particular we produce:

  • fittings for hydraulics
  • fittings for high and low pressure flexible hoses
  • fittings for brake hoses for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, go-karts, forklifts, etc.
  • special fittings on request or according to the customer’s design

The fittings we produce are of high quality and are made in full compliance with the different European and international regulations. Our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of fittings made with different materials and sizes to meet specific needs and for prompt delivery.

Non-standard, customized fittings include:

  • dimensions and lengths designed to measure for every need
  • specific terminal configurations
  • fitting / hose combinations defined on specific requests

Our staff will accompany you in choosing the elements that best suit your needs, will offer you a quality consultancy service that will help clarify some technical aspects and will allow you to create safe and resistant systems.