Brake hoses for car braking systems

We manufacture brake hoses for car braking systems and produce customized rubber hoses, compatible with the original series ones.

Often, in fact, to improve the braking system and the performance of a vehicle, it is necessary to replace the hoses with a customised product, made specifically for a specific vehicle, which adapts to the changes made to the vehicle set-up and which offers the possibility to lengthen or shorten the braided aeronautical type hoses.

The request for flexible hoses, to eliminate the part of rigid tubes, that make up the braking system of a car, allows us to develop specific projects, that lead us to create tailor-made hoses and fittings that scrupulously respect your requests and than fully satisfy both the needs of improving the performance of your car and those of safety and reliability on the road.

Brake hoses for vintage cars

Vintage cars constitute a particular market with specific requests for the restoration and maintenance of the vehicle, in order to ensure excellent aesthetic conditions and mechanical operation.

This category includes cars that are over 30 years old. For this category of cars it is very difficult to find the original hoses.

To meet your requests, we use current technologies to produce pipes for the braking systems of vintage cars that are perfectly suited to vehicles from an aesthetic point of view.

SpeXparts offers you a wide range of hoses for braking systems and the possibility of making customized pieces, with technical characteristics, carefully designed to replace the original pieces no longer on the market.

Among the services we offer there is also the restoration of pipes for braking systems of vintage cars.

Hoses and Fittings for cars

SpeXparts is at your disposal for advice and production of:
  • aeronautical brake hoses for car
  • brake hoses in metal braids for car
  • vintage car brake hoses
  • braided car brake hoses
  • hoses for shock absorbers
  • hoses for power steering
  • hoses for car air conditioning systems
  • air brake hoses for trucks
  • hoses high cab for trucks
  • thoses for car hydraulic capote
  • forklift tubes
  • brake hoses for go-karts
  • brake hoses for golf cars

We realize hoses of different sizes and diameters using different materials

We have excellent products for quality, functionality and performance available to sportsmen, amateurs and those who own a vintage or competition car.

SpeXparts car brake hoses guarantee high resistance to expansion, pressure and high temperatures. Consequently, they ensure a reliable and constant response, helping to improve a car’s braking system.

The brake hoses we manufacture offer the following advantages:

  • elimination of volumetric expansion
  • resistance over time
  • neat external look
  • small size

We are available to offer you advice and assistance to create customized aeronautical brake hoses for cars and tailor-made car brake hoses.